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Commercial plumber performing maintenance on backflow preventer


Backflow Prevention Devices (Backflow Preventors) are necessary for any property and are essential for the safety of your employees, tenants and their customers and/or visitors.
These assemblies prevent potable water from being contaminated through infiltration of stagnant water or other unwanted infiltration from industrial or fire protection piping.
Proper maintenance and repair of all your prevention devices can prevent illness and keep your occupants safe and free of needless illness.

Under Public Law 99-339 (the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1986), every supplier has the primary responsibility for preventing water from unapproved sources from entering public potable water systems.

Backflow preventer valve

Backflow Testing and Repair

Bristol Plumbing has certified backflow testers. Bristol Plumbing provides services that include backflow device inventory and notification of city water testing due date reminders for all clients as well as follow up to ensure your test results are properly recorded with the proper water authority.

Bristol Plumbing is registered with all of the city water departments in the greater kc area.

  • Install appropriate backflow prevention assemblies and certify all backflow prevention assemblies with the appropriate water authority.
  • Maintain backflow prevention assemblies while insuring that original manufacturer warranties are protected.
  • Perform accurate annual backflow device tests and ensure reports are promptly filed with the water authority.
  • Complete and file reports to the appropriate water authority on forms approved by their administrative offices.
  • Repair backflow prevention assemblies when necessary for devices that need certification or are leaking.